Saturday, February 17, 2007

First Post!

I am not sure why I put an exclamation point as the finishing punctuation in my title. I am half stoned and for some reason semi-afraid to even create this blog....I am certainly not excited.

Why then am I doing so? Why am I creating a blog? Because I am afraid if I don't get the thoughts that haunt me on a daily basis out of my mind...then my mind will simply explode. And while I truly loathe myself at times, to a point of sickness I believe, I still love myself too much to let myself fucking die or even worse kill myself.

A few disclaimers before we get too far into this fucking thing:
  • While I am most certainly a serial liar I am going to give every attempt...every being 100% truthful in this blog. I am truly screaming for help and need to start being honest with msyelf.
  • I think its important that you know what state of mind I may be in while writing so I feel obligated to disclose when I am under the influence of weed or alcohol or hungover (an oddly large amount of time). Each post will end with some sort of indication of my current status.
  • I also swear wayyyy too much and will attempt at refraining from as much as I can.
  • I have no idea how long I will choose to do this but feel there needs to be some sort of guidelines or goals that need to be adhered to. Since I am a coward I'll set the bar high at say...I dunno, two posts per week for four weeks? We'll review were we are after that time.
  • I am a below average writer at with it or offer suggestions to help.
With all of that being said...I feel the need to get higher and watch the NBA 3-point shoot out and slam dunk contest.

I will try and leave you each post with one truthism about me that I have fault with and hope to improve.

I have ZERO self-discipline and am somehow sure that I will fail to meet the requirements I had bullet-pointed above.